Will you be using a car? Read our indications for ACIRE, access and Parking.

ACIRE Information

The old town of Palma is regulated by the ACIRE regulations that limit the movement of vehicles exclusively to residents and authorized vehicles.

During your check in at our reception, we can carry out the procedure to obtain the circulation authorization during your stay, with the plate nº of your vehicle.

This authorization only allows customers to circulate with their vehicle to the hotel and surroundings, but does not give free access to the entire ACIRE area of ​​Palma.

Parking on the street/plaza surrounding the hotel is exclusively for residents of the old town, even if you get the circulation authorization.

Remember, throughout your stay you will be able to access the hotel with your private or rental vehicle, but not to park on the street except to upload & unload your bags with strict supervision of your vehicle at all times.


How to access the hotel by car?

At the gas station located on Gabriel Alomar avenue, turn left and access by the "Antoni Planas y Franch" street. (Blue Mark)

To go out, you must do it on the "Mateu Enric Lladó" street (Red Mark)

Where to park?

The Basilica Hotel offers various parking spaces located 50 meters from the hotel.
Being located in the old town, we have places limited to small-medium-sized vehicles, like a WV POLO.
The parking price is € 20 per day.

If you prefer to park somewhere else, or have a larger vehicle, you can park in the public car parks located near the establishment. In this case, we recommend that you do not pay for parking by the hour, but instead go to the box office and ask about the daily bonuses.
The closest parking is SABA Sa Gerrería, located 500m from the hotel.


The Parking

Our Parking is not exclusive to the hotel and is located in a nearby building, less than 50 meters from the hotel. Our parking spaces are located on floor -2, marked with our logo.

The parking spaces are perfect for small and medium-sized vehicles, but are not suitable for sedans, SUVs or large vehicles.

Take this information in consideration before booking a parking space.


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